Custom Footbeds

The foundation of any great bootfit. Custom Footbeds are key to bringing the elements of fit, comfort and performance together in your ski boots. Having well balanced neutral support of the foot leads to better stability, feel, balance as well as giving the skier much more control. Bootfitters look at a custom footbed as a foundation when it comes to shell modification and canting. We offer many different footbed options aside from Alpine ski boots as well-

Snow board boots- Back country ski boots -Telemark ski boots -Nordic skate and classic boots -Athletic and casual foot wear -Cycling shoes

Stance Analysis

No matter what sport you enjoy, they all require some type of balance. Sliding down a steep mountain side with just a few millimeters of steel ski edge to keep you on your feet is perhaps the best example of fine sports balance. Unfortunately the vast majority of skiers are skiing with ski boots that are out of balance. Do you find that you have a stronger turn to one side verses the other? How about not being able to find a “flat” ski on flat terrain? Odds are your skis are not bio-mechanically aligned with your body. Luckily for us, we can modify your ski boots to solve this issue. It is a simple matter of building a custom foot bed, checking your boots cuff alignment and making sure the center of your knees aligns with the center of you ski boots. Once you experience skiing a well balanced pair of boots you will demand it for every ski boot you own.

Ski Boot Canting

For skiers that cannot be balanced by a combination of custom footbeds and ski boot cuff alignment we also offer ski boot sole modification. In order to achieve proper balance with skiers that have more substantial stance alignment issues we will cut the corrected angle into the sole of the ski boot. This process can be done in almost every boot but the process its self varies depending on the model of ski boot. Whether you are a seasoned racer chasing FIS points, a ski instructor looking to pass your Level 2 exam or just a weekend warrior- A balanced pair of boots will make your next run better!


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